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Cancer and Cognition is the first French platform for studying and assessing the impact of cancer and its treatments on cognitive functions.

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Our goal:

Rely on our multidisciplinary expertise when assessing the influence of cancer and cancer treatments on patient cognitive function.

A daunting challenge:

Oncology patient management has improved in the last few years. There have never been so many drugs for personalized treatments. New treatments are often taken by the oral route and concern an increasing number of patients.

The impact of these therapies on patient care is therefore a key issue. Patient complaints (both during and after treatment) and studies confirm the clinical reality represented by cognitive issues and how toxic chemo-therapy is to the brain, even in the absence of brain tumors.

Initial results tend to demontrate that new targeted therapies - angiogenic inhibitors in particular - can also affect cognitive functions.

An innovative approach using 4 complementary areas of expertises

This Platform is coordinated by the Cancéropôle Nord-Ouest.

Contact us : www.canceretcognition.fr






"Today, we can model any treatment scenario, from animal models to patients, and help identify effective prevention strategies."


Florence Joly, M.D., Ph.D.,
Medical Oncologist
Supervisor of the Cancer
and Cognition Platform