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Axis 5 : « Cancer, individuals and Society »

click Steering committee: G. Launoy, V. Christophe, P. Cohen.

viagra générique The fifth axis of Cancéropôle Nord-Ouest was created in 2007 in order to federate the research on the individual and collective aspects of cancer over the Greater North-Western Region (Nord-Pas de Calais, Picardie, Haute and Basse Normandie).
The originality of this axis is to associate the disciplines of the Social Sciences with those of Medecine and the Biological and Cognitive Sciences and to be able to offer research scientists access to the cancer registers available. It makes the most of the potential of researchers and clinicians in the Area in developing original projects favouring multi-disciplinary and multisite cooperation.
The Principal objective is to develop the contribution of the Humanities and Social Sciences to knowledge about cancer. The models of the domains involved make it possible to study and utilise explanatory models at the same time, the patient management and outcome of cancer, constructivist models defining the motivation of the people involved and the collective and symbolic systems at play, the cognitive and relational models, and the models of rational economic choice.
The axis takes regional specificities into account as much in relation to cancer (e.g. the overincidence of certain cancers such as upper aerodigestive tract (UAT) cancers and specific professional or environnental exposures etc.) as to the regional context (the helth systems, lifestyle, populations, social dynamics and political and economic factors.)
Its aim is to encourage better communication between teams in order to pool research efforts and set up multi-and inter-disciplinary partnerships. Its ambition is also facilitate the transfert of research results in order to improve the quality of life of patients and their close relations and patient management within the health system.

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effets cialis Following on from the work developed within CNO which highlighted the significance of participation in screening as a contributor towards social inequalities in cancer treatment, and encouraged by the priorities of the 2009-2013 cancer plan, we decided to bring together the psychology, epidemiology and health economics teams working on CNO's Axis 5 for a flagship intervention study in the general population aimed at reducing social inequalities in participation in colorectal cancer screening (the PRADO project.

cialis petit prix Many other projects will also be organised by the Canceropole teams over the next few years, including several funded under the latest round of INCa calls for proposals. We will give a brief overview here of two of these which are original and significant for the work of the axis: a project designed to assess the psychological impact on patients of taking part in a clinical trial, and a case-control study in the general population, aimed at understanding the quality of life of patients in long-term remission (10 years) amid the current complex climate of uncertainty regarding prostate cancer screening.

  • Flagship programme: “Intervention study in the general population aimed at reducing social inequalities in participation in colorectal cancer screening” - PRADO study