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Axis 2 : « Tumour onset and progression in malignant blood disorders »

see Steering committee: C. Preudhomme, J.P. Marolleau, F. Jardin.

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essay writing service review The field of haematological oncology has had a strong national structure for many years, both in terms of clinical patient management and in terms of developing research projects. Malignant blood disorders are often cancers with a low to medium incidence, which means that for a translational research project to have a competitive edge, it needs to rely on sufficiently large patient cohorts, in other words trials at national or even European level. The projects developed by the teams belonging to this axis therefore rely on biological resources obtained from patients included in clinical trials conducted by the big consortiums (ALFA, GOELAMS and ELAM for acute myeloid leukaemia; the French LLC and GELA groups for lymphomas and lymphoproliferative disorders). These projects are carried out in close liaison with the genomics facility in Lille and call on the specific skills of the different CNO teams (myeloid blood disorders and acute leukaemia in Lille, lymphoproli-erative disorders in Caen and Rouen). They are also carried out in partnership with teams from the other Cancéropôles (GE, GO, GSO, CLARA and IdF) and from elsewhere in Europe. One of this axis's strengths has been its ability to develop nationwide translational research projects which have mostly been coordinated by CNO teams, with the support of the structures that have been developed within this cancéropôle.

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viagra rezeptfrei dresden The objective of this axis is to increase the knowledge of these disorders even further, via its 2010-2014 programme. This will involve the rapid transfer of new technologies to the clinical setting (GHEDI project) and the continued pursuit of innovation through high-throughput sequencing (AML reseq project). It is hoped that these 2 flagship projects will make CNO the leading national and international authority on myeloid malignancies and diffuse large B cell lymphomas, and on their treatment.

  • Flagship programme: “Deciphering the Genetic HEterogeneity of DIffuse large B-cell lymphoma in the rituximab era: a translational and exploratory GELA project” - GHEDI
  • Flagship programme: “The role of targeted resequencing and miRNA profiling in the diagnosis and prognosis of acute myeloid leukaemia” - AML resequencing